About us...

When my lovely 5 months old puppy started to refuse his kibbles to the point that he was almost lost to me, I had to roll up my sleeve and put my science background to work. I already had a Nutrition Science Degree, but went back to school to research and take more classes and came out with a Master at Pet Nutritionist degree. Later on I came across a Pet Master Herbology Program that I took to complete my education in Herbology of Homeopathic medicine.

All these combined with the knowledge and research I had acquired,  incredible people who later joined my team and brought along their knowledge and their experiences,  a treasure throve of valuable information that brought about and  created what I knew to be the absolute best solution possible for our beloved dogs. 


Our work is geared toward infectious diseases of dogs and ways to battle and prevent. Nothing keeps diseases away, better than a strong and healthy dog. 
But when disaster strikes, we wanted to find effective and absolute solutions and remedies that work at once and extremely efficiently, while they effect the system safely and gently.

We wanted solutions that are not replacement of modern medicine, but better, stronger, safer, and definitely natural and holistic in every meaning of the word.

It took us decades of hard work and once we found the correct formulas, we wasted no time to introduce our solution for all and every Super Dog out there.

We are extremely motivated and highly encouraged to find  alternative ways to provide nutrition and supplements to our animals. The more we learned, the more we became convinced that we can Never Ever trust the commercial pet supplement and pharma industry to choose what ingredients should be a part of our dogs diet, medications, and well being. Instead, we planned and created a set of supplements that has brought decades of incredible health and vibrant youthful years to our dogs.


That is the story as it all began…

Imagine food that is loved and craved, every time and bowl after bowl.

Imagine supplements that come from backyard nature and not laboratories. Imagine combining leaves and flowers and roots and all things nurtured under the sun to fill and fulfill your puppies needs and requirements, instead of capsules and pills containing alphabets. Instead of bottle after bottles of various things, vitamins, minerals, probiotics, prebiotics, immune system boosters, digestive enzymes, healing, etc,...Imagine Holistic nutrients the old fashion way...coming from food and made for one dog and one dog alone..Yours!


Each dog is an individual! A separate entity with very specific needs and ingredients that works for him and him alone. We propose a revolutionary way to bring health and vitality to your beloved puppies. An individual and custom-made supplementation all in one tiny packet... One product for one dog!


In the recent years, we have worked tirelessly to provide solutions and Naturopathic Healing methods to combat diseases and illnesses that have No Good solution, even with modern medicine and all its advances.

Pet pharmacology is nothing but another business and industry. Modern Medicine hurts more than it cures. The side effects are much more serious than the disease and meanwhile, .... our dogs are dying with horrific diseases that was never meant to be a part of their lives.

And as the people whose dogs rule the heart of each and every one of us, we have to say, NO!

We propose to seek the answers back from the nature and find solutions where we have been before.

We sought out the ancient ways and remedies and researched those generational methods to find the beginning of our methods...the root of our pathways. 
Then we mixed in the science.

Once science confirmed and perfected our ancient formulas, altered and sleeked the formats and fine tuned the music, we deemed our work completely and perfectly a Start!
Our formulas have gone through the test of time and practice and have come their long way to prove effective...case after case... The results have been incredlousley and phenantabously stellar!

Our Super Dogs are healing!

Now it is your turn! Bring your sick and declining Super Dogs to us and let us make a difference for their lives, as they have done so for us! They are the true loves and the fierce companions we have chosen to hold our soul. 

No Dog Will Suffer on Our Watch!!