Fatty Tumors are a natural occurrence among many breeds and are caused by their inability to flush toxins and fat from their system. These toxins form Lipomas that are a fatty tumor in layers of skin and between the muscles throughout the body.

This condition has become worse in recent times by the over production of food and feed sources, commercial pet food and toxic food sources.

Our natural medicinal, Lipoma Detox Elixir is made and formulated from an ancient recipe that was created throughout the generations for this very purpose. To detoxify the body, the cells, the organs, from impurities and leave a clean spirit and soul behind that could defeat diseases and battle illnesses.

We have taken those ancient recipes and modernized the practices and formulation to create a potent and effective detox formula that helps flushing out the toxins and fats and drain and destroy the existing Lipomas.

Lipoma Detox Elixir