Updated: Jan 23

One of the consistent questions people ask me is about CBD.

"What is CBD and What does it do for our dogs?" Let me see if I can sum it up for you a bit,...

First and foremost, CBD is a class of chemical called “cannabinoid”. As it turns out, there is an entire system in the human body designed to make and use cannabinoids. It is called the Endocannabinoid System, or ECS.

Humans make two cannabinoids naturally - anandamide and 2-AG. Currently we know that CBD has an effect on the cannabinoid anandamide.

CBD - unlike many other cannabinoids - won't directly affect your ECS cell receptors much, but it will boost the working amounts of natural anandamide in the body. This seems to play a big role in CBD's anxiolytic, anti-depressant, and even anticonvulsant properties.

CBD does more than just affect the anandamide in the ECS, though. CBD can also provide powerful antioxidant effects for you, specifically by boosting your body's natural antioxidant systems. This, in turn, helps with aging and general health.

Finally, by targeting pain receptors in your cells, CBD can help relieve general discomfort.

CBD comes in 3 different forms: Isolate, Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum

A Full Spectrum CBD Oil will contain all the hemp plant's nutrients and chemicals, including up to 0.3% THC by dry weight. This runs the incredibly high risk of showing up on a drug test, so don't purchase these products if you don't need them!

The benefit to Full Spectrum over Broad is an increase in pain relief as well as some side benefit in boosted anti-inflammatory action and potential anti-cancer effects. And no, it won't get you high.

A Broad Spectrum CBD Oil contains nearly all of the nutrients found naturally within the hemp plant. The chemical missing from Broad Spectrum is the plant's psychoactive chemical, THC.

Because THC is the chemical commonly detected in drug testing, Broad Spectrum CBD is ideal for anyone who is regularly subjected to drug testing in their job.

Do keep in mind that some drug tests may simply test for cannabinoids, and any CBD product will test positive with that. It is best to find out what your work's drug test is detecting before committing to any CBD product.

Finally, there is a third kind of product that you should be aware of. These products are CBD Isolates, which have filtered out all of the hemp plant's nutrients except for CBD.

CBD Isolates are generally cheaper to buy, but they have very little effect. For CBD to be most effective, it ought to be used as part of the whole plant extract. CBD Isolates ignore this and thus bring you very little benefit.

By making sure you buy only Broad or Full Spectrum products, you can ensure you are getting better CBD. The next time you see fifty different CBD products, you’ll know what’s up. You’ll be able to distinguish between the good and the bad. You’ll know how to get the best and…

Now that we know the simple answers for CBD questions, let's talk about what does it do for our dogs. Is it possible to use CBD as a healing factor for dogs, as it has been for humans? The answer is a definite Yes to all of those questions.

Since the legalization of CBD products we have been working with Elixirs, tinctures, and oils,....Plants, Flowers, Fruits & Vegetables, Roots & Leaves, Petals & Mushrooms and all the tools we have in our arsenal, to combine the magic or our formulas with the considerable powers of CBD oils to aid in powerful healing medicinals and providing cure for some previously fatal diseases.

We now how hope for future and diseases like Cushing, Arthritis, Many forms of Cancer, Diabetes, Seizures, Neurological Diseases, and so many more are no longer as bleak and fearsome as they looked before we found our way within Cannabinoids and the miracles of CBD oils.

We partnered with a fantastic company called Yes.Life which created a revolutionary product that is water soluble. The bioavailability of water soluble CBD oils opened the horizon of these medicinals for us and was the base bone of our star products:

  • Tempera Elixir: A Powerful Elixir with direct effects on various Cancers and Sever Arthritis. Made to encourage healing among healthy cells, encouraging body's own immune system destroy malignant and abnormal cells, reduce inflammations and relieve moderate to sever chronic pain.

  • Cushing Elixir: Even modern medicine was never able to find a good solution for Cushing. While our formulation of CBD Oil and healing extracts brought about a Healing Medicinal that has done what no other natural or chemical medicine was capable, Healing Cushing. It works on the cause of the disease by shrinking and stabilizing the tumor and the hormone secretion, balances out the hormone production in the body, removes cortisol and detoxifies the body completely and thoroughly, while boosting the immune system, calms all and every symptom, and offers a normal existence for our pets.

Check our line up of star products for new Natural Medicinals that effectively and powerfully heals and defies diseases that have dared to threaten the life of our Super Dogs: