Natural Medicinal Anti-itch with a mild Antibiotic, Antihistamine, and Disinfectant  for treating Mild to Severe Allergic Flare ups and Mild bacterial and yeast skin infections. 


A natural Tick, Flea and Biting insect repellent!

What makes this spray extremely special is that it is the only one of its kind is that unlike the other sprays in the market, Super Rincen contains a special form of CBD that allows the liquid to get absorbed through the skin and reach the correct layers where these medicinals can affect, repel the biting insects and cure the problems! Allowing over 20 various herbs and flowers to heal and protect!


Super Rincen . Anti-Itch . Spray

  • There is absolutely Nothing like Super Rincen in the market today. This is a powerful and extremely effective naturopathic medicinal for persistent itching and allergies.

    Contains Natural and Herbal Antihistamine and Antimicrobial for treatment of Mild to Severe Allergies. Plus anti-parasite for removing pathogens ssuch as Giardia Protozoa and Mites, Lice, and occassional fleas and ticks.

    This is not a itch spray, as most current moisturizing sprays in the market.

    It is a "Healing the Core Cause of the ITCH-Spray"!!

    It is a powerful medicinal capable of healing allergic reactions and flare ups, which is usually always are combined with skin infections due to scratching. It also clears yeast and fungal infections which cause sever itching reactions....while disinfects and provides relief.

    Our formula in Rincen is capable or treating the original infection, along with any secondary infection that has formed, no matter the cause.

    Use Rincen as a rinse, as wound cleaner, to naturally heal and protect the wounds and the skin, promote quick healing and defeat chronic dry skin and scars.

    No household with pets should be without this incredible elixir that can heal anything from ear infections to wounds, flea bites, Any form of Pyoderma, Bacterial or Fungal skin infections, Staph, even mange.  

    We have managed to harness the power of natural and homeopathic medicine and use these magical elements such as plants, flowers, petals, and roots to work miracles, no matter how complicated or progressed the disease may be. 

    Moreover, this healing formula is gentle on the body and does absolutely no harm, even at accidental over dose. Rincen is safe and carries no side effect. 


    The best part about the spray and the formula within it is that it is made in a way that the medicinal can be absorbed through the skin. Therefore minimizing or removing the need for toxic medications like Apoquel. The spray also contains CBD to streamline and deeply affect the nerves throughout the skin surface and calm down the itching urges.​


    As I said,...There is Absolutely NOTHING like this in the market!! Nothing!!