Heal Parasite infections and PREVENT Heartworm and Lungworm Naturopathically, Effectively and Safely, without Any Side Effects, Naturally.This is an incredible and powerful holistic remedy which is effective as it is gentle and safe for pets of all ages.


  • Unlike all the other natural Heartworm & Parasites Preventions and Eradication in the market, Defense works in 100% cases and situations without fail. There is absolutely Nothing as strong and safe in the market. Nothing!

    The reason we love this product so much is its direct effects on Heartworm of all stages. 
    It directly affects and eradicates the organisms, without harming the dog's cell structure, nor the beneficial bacteria of the gut and digestive track.

    This is such a grand news for dog owners across the board, since chemical heartworm medication that dogs take once a month acts as a poison to eradicate the parasites and is extremely toxic to our dogs and their neurological and nervous system. While natural remedies are ineffective, hit & miss, and never ever work on full eradication, when tested positive for Heartwroms. Those that do work, are extremely dangerous, as the dead worms in the heart and arteries can cause severe blockage and cause death.

    Our formula eradicates the parasites, and then dissolves them completely and without miss, while strengthening the heart and arteries, empowering the weakened heart and organs from the onslaught of the parasites.

    This healing formula is gentle on their body and does absolutely no harm, even at accidental over dose. Defense is safe and carries no side effect. Except detoxing the body, strengthening the immune system.

    In addition, it is capable of affecting and interacting with secondary infections resulting from the parasites, or the viruses. This powerful formula is a rare and miraculous potion that is one of a kind in the world of homeopathic health and truly a gift for our pets. We are proud to offer it to our clients and their Super Dogs!!