Our star product and the major beacon of hope for NATURAL Remedies. 

HEALER is a Natural ANTIBIOTIC that is capable of battling and fully healing major Viral & Bacterial Infections, along with the worse cases of parasite infections like HEARTWORM or even difficult infectious diseases such as GIARDIA, PARVO, LYME, KENNEL COUGH, even STAPH completely, effectively, and safely, with absolutely NO side effects.This is the Miracle of Nature in its Full Effects and Absolute Promise!


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-fungal
  • Anti-protozoa
  • Anti-microbial
  • Heals internal infections of any kind
  • Promotes healing the cell structure while attacking and destroying the microbe organisms cells
  • Does not affect any internal organ cells in the body


  • This is a powerful and extremely effective natural remedy for viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. It heals diseases that even chemical modern medications have not and cannot heal with accuracy and promise.

    We have managed to harness the power of naturopathic and homeopathic medicine and use these magical elements like plants, flowers, petals, and roots to work miracles, no matter how complicated or progressed the disease may be.

    It acts as a natural antibiotic on bacterial infections such as Staph, Kennel Cough, Lyme Disease, and so many others to name, without weakening or damaging the cell structure or causing secondary infections. That is a promise that modern medicine can never give, as damage to cell structure is unavoidable with all modern antibiotics.

    No other natural antibiotic has this type of power and effectiveness! None!

    But where Healer will shine is during the treatment of Viral Infections!

    Those are the deadliest and the most persistent type of infections, as they change and adapt to their host. Deadly infections like Parvo, Kennel Cough, Canine Distemper, etc. They rampage throughout the body in short amount of time and leave behind a ravaged and broken system, from cells onward.

    Healer works systematically and effectively, cleansing and repairing cells and connective tissue. It systematically heals, detoxifies, and eradicates until there is no trace of virus or its toxins is remained in the cell structure and entire organs. 
    That on its own is a Miracle!!

    Moreover, this healing formula is gentle on the body and does absolutely no harm, even at accidental over dose. Healer is safe and carries no side effect, except detoxing the body, strengthening the immune system.

    In addition, it is capable of affecting and interacting with secondary infections resulting from the parasites, or the viruses. This powerful formula is a rare and magical potion that is one of a kind in the world of homeopathic health and truly a miracle. We are proud to offer it to our clients and their Super Dogs!