Twilas Elixir

Natural Medicinal for treating Allergy, Pain, Anxiety and Promotion of Overall Health.

This is a 'Sense of Wellbeing' in a glass bottle!!

Powerful & effective medicinal designed to provide symptom relief while healing the core issues and rebuilding immune system.

Along with all the benefits of CBD, Twilas Elixir can rebuild the immune system and allow the body to defend itself against diseases and allergies.

It calms down the body at its core and cell structure to provide pain relief and inflammations and balances the chemicals in brain to bring about a sense of calm and well being with no trace of anxiety and stress. 

That sense of well being and calm comes from within and from healthy rejuvenated cells. 

Strong healthy immune system, balanced hormones, healthy liver and endocrine system, all will help allergens to bounce off and does not cause reactions that end up to symptoms. 

It works well for Super Dogs and can be shared easily and successfully with their Humans. It relieves stress headaches, anxiety, pain, stress, insomnia, and so much more, with bright eyes and sharp mind during the day and calm body at night.